Urban Decay Must Haves

Hello everyone! Today on the blog im talking about a few of my Urban Decay faves at the minute.

I think everyone these days finds that purchasing makeup can be quite daunting, mainly because theres so many different brands and innovative products out there now that it can be hard to ‘disect’ the products that ‘you actually’ need or that suit ‘your’ skintype. As you enter most highstreet beauty stores now its not unusual for a wall of makeup displays to greet you and where do you start?🤔 But some brands are more worthy of purchasing than others and ‘Urban Decay’ is defintely one of them.

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Sophisticated In Stripes!

Hello everyone I hope your week is going good so far I really cant believe were in March already 2018 is just flying in!

So today i have decided to do a post on the ‘stripe trend’ thats currently ‘owning’ the highstreet at the minute.  If you’ve been out shopping recently on the high street its likely that every shop you’ve browsed through had a colourful display of ‘stripy clothing’😂 (not even proper english) on offer from blazers to tops and trousers and maybe its the reason you decided to enter that shop because lets face it stripes are ‘bold bright and noticeable’. Continue reading “Sophisticated In Stripes!”


Fake Tan That Doesn’t Look ‘Fake’

Today on the blog im talking about fake tan or should i say ‘false tan’🤔 so is there anyone out there who hasn’t tried ‘fake tan’ before? Probably not unless you are lucky enough to live in a hot, sunny country and even in these countries ‘sunless’ tanning is a huge market.  As people have become more educated on the damage sun rays can cause to their skin they are no longer risking ‘it’ for a ‘real tan’ but instead are opting for a ‘sunless tan’. Continue reading “Fake Tan That Doesn’t Look ‘Fake’”


Top Hotel In New York City.

Hey everyone today on my blog im talking about the hotel we stayed in when visiting the ‘big apple’ and what a great hotel it was.

We stayed in the ‘Riu Plaza Hotel Timesquare’which is located on 46th street.   When we arrived in New York it was about 8:15pm so it was dark and  we were just off the ‘shortline’ bus which had dropped us off in ‘Times Square’ with all our lugguage and there we were in awe at all the lights from the ‘huge’ billboards im nearly sure we just stood there for like five minutes just looking up really😂😂 we were in New York City – right bang in the middle of it all no one could blame us🙄 Continue reading “Top Hotel In New York City.”